How To Consign With Us

1. Phase Two Interiors will pre-screen all items.  Items must be in excellent condition.  Digital photos of your larger items should be sent along with: (please refrain from bringing larger items directly to the store for pre-screening, email them and we will contact you)

  • Brief description of each piece

  • Dimensions of the larger pieces

  • How much you paid (approximately)

Items are priced at 40 to 60 % of the original price, but age, quality, and marketability are also considered.  You may also bring your small items into the store during business hours, and we can evaluate them immediately.  We accept QUALITY furnishings and décor that are in excellent condition.  Neutral palettes and patterns tend to sell more quickly.  We accept furniture, artwork, lighting, unique rugs and other home accessories.  Unfortunately, we CANNOT ACCEPT all items.

2.  Phase Two will provide you with a consignment agreement and an inventory of all consigned items.

3.  You may transport your items into the store yourself, or we can recommend several professional moving companies to hire.  Phase Two does not employ a warehouse staff and ask that you to bring your own help for moving items in and out of the store.

4.  Our contract provides for an initial 90-day consignment period.  We pay 50% of the net selling price to the Consignor.  The asking price will remain firm for the first 30 days.  After 30 days the price will be lowered by 10%.  After 60 days, the price will be lowered an additional 15%.  After 90 days, Phase Two may lower the price an additional 15% to make a sale.  If the Consignor does not pick up their merchandise within 7 days of the end of the initial 90-day contract, PTI will have the right to donate the merchandise or continue to market the market the items, and the split upon a sale shall be 60% to PTI and 40% to Consisgnor.  If donated, we will arrange a donation to a charity of our choice.  

Thank you for selecting Phase Two Interiors.  We look forward to assisting you and giving your furniture a NEW PHASE of life.